Serving Others through Dentistry

I have done some soul-searching lately, and have found that if I can wake up every day, for the rest of my life, and make that day about not just serving but becoming a servant, then I will be satisfied with my life’s journey.

My gift of being a dentist has allowed me to not only serve those individuals who can afford dentistry, but also those who cannot. Each person I am allowed to care for is important to me. I value the opportunity to meet with and learn from them, hearing their stories and sharing in their life experiences — the good and the challenging — and in the process forging a connection that transcends provider and patient.

I am particularly passionate that I see and care for generations of patients: grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren. I love that they feel confident and trust that my team and I will care for each of them, like family.

I have practiced dentistry for over 25 years. I was drawn to oral healthcare as it offered the opportunity to work one-to-one with people, educating and getting each excited about having and maintaining a radiant, healthy smile. The decision to enter the field was the right one for me: I have never regretted it. — Dr. Michael A. Prost

Education and Experience

Dr. Prost is a lifelong learner. He constantly seeks out continuing education that offers new ways to approach dentistry, implement technology, and advanced means to serve his patients. This pursuit of CE, through study clubs, as well as attending meetings, lectures, and seminars, allows him to provide patients with proven dental solutions that are designed to the individual’s needs.

Dr. Prost is also a former instructor at the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) homeless clinic. There, he worked with students from Midwestern University and the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health to provide life-changing care. In addition, he annually volunteers with Dentistry from the Heart: opening his practice to offer free dental services to the underserved in the community.

Professional Affiliations

In the Community

Dr. Prost has an unwavering belief in serving others. It is imperative, he feels, to utilize whatever skills and abilities one has been blessed with to help each other lead fuller, happier lives. In doing so, one strengthens and improves the community as a whole.

In addition to donating dental care, Dr. Prost financially supports many local organizations, especially those important to his patient family. His practice is also active with an annual backpack drive for local schools, a toy drive for Christmas, and numerous other community activities and organizations.

Beyond Dentistry

After growing up in Versailles, Indiana, along the Ohio River, and completing dental school in Indianapolis, Dr. Prost relocated to Arizona. He has resided in Peoria for almost 25 years and appreciates all the area has to offer.

When he’s not seeing patients, Dr. Prost enjoys hiking with his beautiful wife, Dani; involvment with CVV (Christ’s of the Valley); and life with two dogs: Charlie and Molly.

He has two grown children, as well. His daughter Corinne graduated from Hillsdale College with a degree in American Studies, she played tennis for Hillsdale for four years and resides in Texas with her husband Cole.  She is working as a working as a writer and in the Texas legislature. Dr. Prost's son Ethan is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he played tennis for four years.  Ethan currently works as an investment banker.

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